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2023 EITC & CTC Maximum Credit

No Children  $600

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Ready for tax season! We prep, file and plan for future years! Serving the entire U.S. Don't file alone, work with experts who want you to get the maximum refund, legitimately. Plus, you can file from the comfort of your home using your PC or phone. It's just that Simple, Safe and Secure! 


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We work with you to find solutions for your specific financial situation in your business and personal life. Then, you follow our proven steps to reach your goals. 

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Use tools to monitor your changes while implementing the budget and wealth building strategies provided. Stay connected to our community to continue learning and growing.

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We’ll help maximize your refund using the IRS rules, review your company's structure for reduced liability and guide you in obtaining funding for your business and continue growing your business and your finances long after working with us. 

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Mina Mina Mina! I am so shocked you was able to remove my repo from my account! Thank you so much for everything and being patience with me! 

I am not going to lie, I didn’t think this was going to work especially for what you charged but I want to thank you so much for removing all of my collections from credit report, it’s been a hassle trying to get an apartment and I just got approved last week! Again thank you! 

Mina is a long time friend of mine! I knew I could trust her but I just didn’t know the laws until she explained it to me! She was even able to help me avoid paying a toll ticket! She knows her stuff! 

Great service, reliable, and professional with Reasonable prices.

D. White 

I really want to thank you!!! Without you I don't thinik I would have took this seriously... The work speaks for itself.

Thank you soooo much Mrs. Tiffany. You're the real MVP!

J. F.